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I'M Sorry

i'm sorry 4 the way i did you
i'm sorry 4 the way i didn't let you in when i should of
i'm sorry 4 the way when i see you i miss you and how i hate it that i ended it the way i did because i wish i would have just let you in.
i'm sorry because when ever i hear bow wow 's Outta My System i think of you.
i'm even more sorry because i wasn't a woman and toled you to your face. that night you said you loved me i wanted to say i love you 2. i'm 2 chicken 2. you caused me to let my gared down and i got scared. it was moving to fast for me. but it's my lost.
these are words that i feel take it as you want 2.
because you did nothing wrong but love me 4 me.

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