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I'M Sorry
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I'M Sorry

Poem By Scott Austin

I'm sorry for the way you feel
For the hurt and pain you have caused
For the cards you are dealing

The way things are turning out
Has not been your most delight
Things can change in an instant
If you are willing to be forgiven

So keep your head up
Do not give up hope
Things can change
In a blink of eye

Keep this mind
Look to the future
It may be so bright
If you only open up
Your eyes to the possibilities

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Comments (4)

courage and hopes are all elements of happy lives..don't lost any..beautiful as expressed..grace
Very hopeful my friend. I really enjoyed reading, and it made me smile on a day when a smile is just what I need. Thanks for the great poem, i'll have to check out more of your work
Your poetry seems to follow a familiar path - the path of forgiveness. Perhaps you should regard the subject of your melancholy as your poetic muse. Writing itself is a great healer Scott. love, Allie xxxx
Change does take place everyday in our lives that we do sometimes forget what has happen. So, I praise this poem too.