I’m Sorry

You told me that you were sorry for telling your friend what we did. That you were sorry for the marks you left, talk alone in the ally behind my house. You swore that you were sorry for that other girl that you dated behind my back. That she meant nothing and you loved me. You told me sorry for how you left me alone at the prom, leaving with the prom queen herself. And finally you texted me sorry when you dumped me for that blonde German girl with the huge boobs. Well I’m sorry too. sorry that I let you hurt me. Sorry that I thought you loved me. Sorry that I kept letting you come back after all the other girls. I’m sorry for so much, but I’m not sorry that I hurt you. I’m not sorry I made you cry or that now you’re the one alone. But truly, I am sorry I didn’t do all this before you hurt me beyond repair.

by Corey Mason

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