JMT (June 19 1991 / )

I'M Sorry

I've seen your pain, and your hurt.
I'm sorry for treating you like dirt,
I didnt mean to make you cry
nor did I mean it when I wished you would die.
I've made mistakes
I've seen your tears,
that have built up over the years.
I'm sorry for not understanding.
Let me show you I care,
give me a chance to be there.
I always said I would leave,
in truth I could never go far.
For I was wrong to flee,
knowing how much you needed me.
I'm sorry for pushing you aside,
please dont say goodbye.
Give me one more night,
to show you what I said wasnt a lie.
Let me be a part of your world once more.
Through it all I guess all I can say is I'm Sorry.

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