JLM ( / Harrisburg, Pa.)

I'm Sorry

I wasn't there to hold your hand, while You walked
thru Your early years.. And hope someday you'll
understand, past Your sorrow and Your tears..
It wasn't my decision Son, to leave You in your youth..
Please know these words I say to You are filled with
Fatherly Love and Truth.. The time we spent together,
was not enough, You see.. For inspirational guidance,
passed to You from me.. Oh, yes we talked and laughed,
played games, and read a book or two.. But other more
important things we never got to do.. It must have been
so hard for You, to face the days alone.. No one to
guide You, and teach You things; You did it on Your own..
These words I say to You, my Son, are only just the start,
of the gift of giving that I feel, to put comfort in
Your heart.. The years have passed so quickly.. My Little Boy
has grown.. And the knowledge, and the qualities You now
possess, You did it all alone.. Be strong and healthy,
be blessed with truth, honesty, faith and knowledge too..
And know in Your heart.. You Father Loves and deeply misses You..

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