I'm Sorry

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry i can't stop feeling
I'm sorry I can't keep my tears from falling
I'm sorry I can't keep my heart
From constantly falling apart
I'm sorry i can't smile so often
It feels so hard to act
Happy and glad
It feels so hard to fake a smile
When my insides are in bloody wars
I'm sorry i can't fit anywhere
I can't help being rejected
Form everyone, everywhere
I can't help being myself, with all my awkward laughs
My weather temper
And my too sensitive heart
I'm sorry i can't stay too long
In anyone's life
Because my fear of loss has taken over me
Has destroyed my trust in human beings
That i no longer afford being left
So i'm the first to leave
I'm the first to say goodbye
No matter how hard i try to stay
I'm sorry I let you down
When my ideals differ from yours
When I'm too stubborn to change
When I refuse to back off
When i don't stop fighting for my beliefs
I'm sorry I failed you
Whenever you saw my tear dripping
Hidden under that constant veil
Of anger and rebellion
I have no other shelter from depression
Than fake anger and silence
That deadly silence you hate
That silence that kills me
That keeps my shouts inside
That spares you more suffering
That spares you more shame
I'm sorry I can't be who you want me to be
I'm sorry I can't change
I'm sorry I can't be the one I used to be
I'm sorry i have changed.
I'm sorry for everything I am
I'm sorry for everything I've done
I'm sorry for everything I will be
I'm sorry for everything I will do.

by Hadil Diaf

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great Hadil realy i love it
A nice poem by a nice man, I like its rhythm. And expression, thanks for sharing.