If I Smile.

If I smile or break into laughter,
don't think I've forgotten you
or the hereafter;
it's just a way

to get through each day
of deep sorrow,
and getting up
to a dark tomorrow,

knowing you won't be there
with your cool stare,
and huggy bear walk,
and soft-toned talk;

and you know, my son,
the value of laughter
with your own
sense of humour

and quiet wit;
so if you see me smile
or hear my laughter,
it's just my medicine

to get through it,
this sadness of grief
and sense of loss
until the hereafter.

by Terry Collett

Comments (4)

i love this poem its a one in a million poem
Cathartic words Carissa written with sincerity and humility. From here on, the journey will be onwards and upwards, I'm sure Congratulations on taking the first step towards wholeness. love, Allie xxxx
Wonderful Poem! ! ! ! You Go Girl. It's a very realistic poem and everyone can relate to it. Keep flowing.
I do love this poem. Its so true of friendships and their many quarrels.