I'M Sorry But It's Just Me

Poem By Meleseini Meki

I've done all that you've asked of me
And still you deny.
That I've done something for you
Saying that I lied.
You've put me down
You say that I'm worthless to you.
But when you needed something
I was the first you'd call and I always came thru.
You say I'm a failure
That I'll never make it in life.
But yet I finished school, went to college
Became a good mother and a wife.
Still you look at me and treat me
As if I'm the scum in this world.
You're suppose to love me regardless
I'm your little girl.
Don't hate me for something
I couldn't control in my past.
Me being raped as a child
Was not something I asked.
I was only a child
And I understand the shame.
But I didn't bring it into our family
I'm not the one to blame.
I'm sorry if you feel
That you don't want me as yours.
Just know that in my heart
I still love you even more.
As much as you say
That I'm a disgrace to our family.
Mom I'm sorry there's nothing more
Than your daughter and that's me.

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