I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Kiss You

The cat in the wintry yard
Shivered in the freshly fallen snow,
I picked her up and she purred.
Life should be gently reaching out
To offer the vulnerable
Warm embraces.

When you cried on the telephone
A thousand miles away,
I’m sorry I couldn’t kiss you.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (7)

Beautiful poem. Nothing more is needed to be said.
I reached for the tissues when I read this.. beautiful, a perfect 10.. HBH
A delightful poem Uriah, such a pleasure to find. A wonderful comparison. Lovely. Love Ernestine XXX
A wonderful write. Love the title the last stanza so warm. Patricia Gale
This is a wonderful write. The two stanza seem far apart as if differing incident and yet there is a unity to thhe piece. A tenderness, if you will.
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