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I'M Sorry, I Love You

It was a nice beautiful day. Waiting for the day to begin with the person you love to be in sight within a few hours of you being awake

It was the best day of my life, spending time with her and travelling around.

She making you feel so comfortable everytime you see her.

I know this girl that i really love. She sweet, adorable, beautiful and caring.

Having her in my arms makes me get all nervous and wanting her more and more.

This girl sends me text messages that are heart warming/

She is my true love.

But one day things can all change. your true love, can just get up and walk away.

Knowing you have done something wrong to cause this heartache really hurts.

Putting this girl into pain, stress, mad and a broken heart makes you wonder why you made the choices you did.

Hoping to catch her last sweet breath before you'll never see her again

The last kiss you recieved off her will stay as memories for until you die, as you no you love her with all your heart

Bursting into tears when your mum goes. Whats wrong son? and you cant reply because your in pain, from breaking someones heart you love so much

Hoping to get her back will be a challenge to myself, but knowing ill never hug, kiss or snuggle with her again will last forever

Wanting to sort this out myself, ending this horrible day may cure the pain for yourself but will cause more pain to the person you really love

Wanting her to forgive you maybe the hardest thing of your life.

I love you

by Justin Davidson

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