~i'M Sorry I Missed Your Message

Poem By Mary Nagy

How did I miss the messenger
when you sang so loud and clear?
How did I miss that message?
Did you try to make me hear?

Is my life so darn important
that I'd overlook a friend?
Am I blind to such emotions?
Did I sense you near the end?

Perhaps I should have taken
just one more closer look.
Maybe I could have noticed
the way your soul had shook.

My eyes are now wide open.
Through tears I'll try to see.
Next time that you are troubled
please Tara, lean on me.

Comments about ~i'M Sorry I Missed Your Message

Oh Mary.... you are the sweetest of persons. How anybody, especially you, could think they missed anything saddens me. I wasn't, to the best of my knowledge, giving out any messages... and I have always received support, encouragement and love from you and so many other, in good times and in bad. And am bowled over by it now! Thank you, you dear friend. t xxxxxxxx
Sweet poem for Tara, Mary, I think it was very sudden that she went into hospital, so it takes a while for things to become known to everyone. We wish her well indeed. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Wishing you peace, Mary. I'm sure Tara knows in her heart how much she means to you. Beautiful poem.
Often a man or woman gives little importance to him or herself when he or she is of great value for others therfore live for others, good poem take core of yourself. shanazar@hotmail.com

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