Common Ground


Here we both stand on common ground
Fighting for recognition when there's none to be found
Two hearts that have become as one
And has fought every obstacle and has won.

Why don't people see the love that we share
And if it doesn't hurt them
Why should they care.

But the love for each other is not the
only thing we have on common ground
We have everything that GOD has put down.

The trees, the grass, the butterflies, the bees
This is just part of what is seen.
The stars, the sky, the moon above
All of this is what we love.
The seas, the rivers, the mountains too
All of these things have been given to you.

These petty jealousies can tear them apart
Why don't they search in their heart.
They can find the love the same as us
For it's given from above.

If our two hearts are stronger than one
Imagine millions with GODS son.


by louis rams

Comments (3)

another deep and emotional piece. i like it
you have an amazing skill here my friend.i hope you keep it up
awwww that was a really sweet poem! ! i loved it excellent! ! !