I'M Sorry Mommy

I’m sorry I left you so soon mommy
I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye
I’m sorry I can’t hold you anymore mommy
I can’t comfort you as you cry
Your in the bedroom mom you haven’t moved from that place
You can’t see me mom but I’m kneeling in front of you my hands are on your face
Mommy I kissed you on your head
Like you did to me mommy before I went to bed
I want to stay with you mommy
I don’t want to go
I love you so much mommy
This you should know
I got a new outfit mommy
It’s a pretty white dress
And matching wings too
And guess what mommy
now I can watch over you
I wish you could see me mommy
I wish you could see how I look
I know your upset because it was my life they took
But they can’t take my love, and they can’t take my tears
Because I’ll still have some to shed over the years
I have to go now mommy God is calling to me
Mommy I know your upset but you being happy is what I want to see
Mommy I had a smile on my face as I flew out the doors
You were always my guardian angle mommy but now I can be yours

by amanda eckert

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Sob... Sniffle.. I had tears in my eyes as I read it...
This was just beautiful. There is nothing more to say. GW62