IB (January20,1993 / Golden City MO.)

I'M Sorry My Love

The first time you said you loved me
I was unsure if I felt the same yet I said 'I love you to.',
The first time you held my hand
I was scared but I held yours to,
When you first held me in your arms
I felt safe,
When we first made love,
I was scared to death
When I had to say goodbye
I cried the whole way to my new home,
And after all the crying, love making, felling safe, holding hands, and all the I love you's,
I feel it's time to let you go,
I was holding on to something, a feeling, that no longer exists.
I'm sorry my love.

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You're a great looking girl Flutterby, and you write well too. Cheers, Jerry
yeah i kno the feeling sis..you v expressed well indeed...innnermost feelings well expressed
It is a terrible feeling when one gets demoted by the other for fresh bliss, , , iip
I liked this poem very very much because i cant relate to it. Great job.
Sometimes our hearts are travel without us, our minds in another direction. Love has its own direction, we never know where it'll go. That's the magic of it all.....very emotional piece...keep up the great work
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