I'M Sorry Nothing More

Forgiveness is all wanna asked from you
For I was'nt loved you completely as you do
Adored so much you gave and make felt so
But I did'nt feel something in return to you.

I did my best just to give you feel best
I am trying myself to learned and love you
Because I want joy shown on your face
But my best was'nt work enough.

Time goes on and years passed by
Far apart are miles away
You're trying work hard just for me
Dreams will comes true together with me.

Everything I asked, I need you gave it to me
Without hesitating as long as for me
When I'm trouble your hands open wide
When I need help your heart willing to be.

Pretending of loving you was so unfair
Even if how many times I will tell you
That I've loved you and I cared you
But my heart shouting its not for you.

I saw the pain in your eyes
I felt the hurt in your heart
Leaving me and bringing burden in your heart
Its hard just even to stare with me you'd never.

You asked me if I loved you
You never asked me why I've done this to you
You leave with question in your mind and tears in your eyes
I was awfully sorry but I have to do.

Someday you can find the answer
That me not deserve for your heart dear
And someone will be waiting you over there
To fill the emptiness in you heart forever.
I'm sorry nothing more.

by Kate Piloton

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