PLP (3/12/1970 / )

I’m Still Imprisoned (Acrostic)

For there’s a pain that won’t go away
Often it lingers in my brain
Reality is hard to sustained
Grieving it all once again
I lost a part of you that can’t be replaced
Vengeances in thought as words are unerased
Enviously I read, my minds incased
Never again this will happen, but there’s still a trace

Nothing is what I want to feel
Only dread seems to seal the deal
Today is once again surreal

Forever my heart in layers is peeled
Onward together our love has manifested
Raging against time, my forgiveness is requested
Gageing my options, slapping, stinging my face
Once again my heart in peaces, shattered, complaced
Those hunting whispers take away my breath
Tomorrow in my mind I hope there’s some faith
Echoing my words, “You are forgiven”
Not forgotten, there for, I’m still imprisoned

By: PennyL.Poore 2008
(Forgiven Not Forgotten)

by Penny L. Poore

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