I'M Still Waiting

The years have passed like a blur
I'm still waiting, for her
Try as I might, for what seemed forever
Nothing I said worked, no matter how clever
Always, you were my only great desire
My poor heart, felt as if it was on fire
Others, married, had kids, were satisfied
Every single night, I went to bed and cried
Why? why couldn't I ever have you?
Didn't you notice what I was going through?
Two little words, would've changed my life
All you had to do, was be my wife
Instead you chased dreams that didn't exist
I put my life, on hold, for want of one kiss
Many years later, we're both old and alone
All my hopes and dreams are now gone
What a mistake I made so long ago
Telling you my feelings, so you would know
After all this time, I'm still so blue
Because, still, I'm waiting for you

by james d nall,jr

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