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I'M Taking Your Baby

I don't care if she or he is mine
Wherever they are born
I won't let you
The man that I loved first raise a child
Not with that home-wrecking witch
So no matter what I have to do
Illegal or not
Beware lover
You have been warned
In 9 months or whenever it does happen
I'm taking your baby

Made up my mind
Neither you nor that stupid restraining order you got can change it
Hell, if I have to
I swear that I will stalk you
Until the day that I die
Vowing never to let go of this
My twisted, deranged goal to raise your child as my own
Blood of mine or not
Come hell, high water, or the police to my doorstep
I will not let anything or anyone stop me from stopping the 2 of you from being parents
The most undeserving parents in the whole wide world
That's why 9 months from now or whenever the hell the unholy event happens
I'm taking your baby and I'm raising him or her as my own

The child is gonna have to learn something that neither of you can teach him or her
What love and caring is really all about
I can give them that
You can't and never will be able to
Trust me I know
I'm seen you two with your brother's kids
Worse case of child abuse I'm ever seen
Leading me to take drastic action
Leading me to decide that if and when she ever grows heavy with your child that...
I'm taking your baby to raise as my own

Don't know you personally
Don't matter to me
Not one damm little bit
Been watching you for years from my window across the street
Long enough to know that this is what I must do
My one and only choice
To save an tiny, innocent life
I will cheat
I will lie and yes, I will will even steal
Not just as revenge againest her
But to show you just how good a mother I can be
So that maybe just maybe someday
You will see the error of your ways and leave her for me

Cos if you don't I swear that.......

I will take your baby to raise as my own and you will never, never, never, EVER see
him or her again!

© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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