KLY (3/29/1993 / Manchester, Kentucky)

I'M That Girl

I'm that girl...
That girl wearing too many braclets,
The girl that hate's life.
The girl without a soul.
I'm that girl...
That girl wishing
Wishing she was real,
Wishing for strength,
Wishing for people to love her.
Wishing for a hug.
Wishing for a friend.
Wishing for life

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Comments (7)

I'm that girl to! ! ! I have 28 braclets on lol but I hate life I have no soul and everyone at school hates me so yea i'm that girl
simple but written well. Good job.
YOU are that girl gave ten chris
*Hugs* :) loved it
i am that girl as well.......great poem i really loved it, and so understand it.
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