A Visit To Amaravati

Amaravatii is serene and smelly within
She is yet like a bride with a veiled face
Shy and virtuous or timid and afraid
Away from the noisy and overstaying guests outside her chamber.

I walked along her streets,
I read the writings on her stones placid and old
And I smelt her past of glory for a while
A past of the Jainism and the Buddhism which breathed within her.

The Buddhist saga stuns us in the east and west
The power of non-violence and the precepts!
Through a stretch of road surrounded
By towering Hindu temples here lies a past glorious.

Rays of light stream through these glimpses
And the memories of tranquility are sown
A great notion can ever be crippled
Neither by time nor by events that succeeded.

I feel there is a story to be told by
The wind and the fauna here till times die
There is a profundity of the relics and things buried
Below these columns of debris and broken stupas unseen!

To the gusts of wind, I plead
Carry this pace and strides ahead
Into times we may cherish
As the Light of Asia has to beam out.

To Shiva the lord of destruction, I plead
Come out of the sanctum raised by your warriors
Who discarded peace and serenity,
Come down to greet this smiling Buddha.

Long and quick paces I made
Along the margin of rocks and plants
Past a square and the ruins of a notion great
Lives the wise man Buddha over here too.

Walking in the corridors of a museum of the relics
Dedicated to the Satavahanas and their empire
I long to smell the power of peace.
The fragments of glory can revive.

I see here the rubble and the relics,
And hear the silent cry of a dying religion and
Feel the futility of the conquest of another one which
Was later cornered by its Arabian and Roman rivals!

Lights flicker from buildings now
That were not once there centuries before
Walking with a slower pace through silent shrubs
I feel it is quiet being at Amaravathi!

by M.D Dinesh Nair

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A good nature poem wonderfully written.