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I’m Tired....

I'm tired of dreaming of
dreams that don’t come true.

I am tired of people who lie especially,
the one’s who say they don’t.

I'm sick, and tired that I can't stop these tears that I cry.
I wish the pain, and the suffering would go away.

Don’t they see me, Faking the laugher
when I feel some kind of emptiness.

They like to play this stupid ugly game
When, I feel my life is all a mess.

I want to be alone..........

When life.....
My life, has so much more then difficultly,
when I am this way.....

I'm tired of the feeling I cant trust others,
and myself can’t be trusted as well.

I'm really tired.......

I tired of not seeing a brand new day! !

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Comments (4)

Indeed very sad. Some time i feel tired and exhausted but still dare to go ahead. Thanks for share.
You described our life and its difficulties perfectly. I feel the same but there is a big question. 'WHAT CAN WE DO? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! '
A sad poem, hang in there.
Strong poem...I can relate to this one.