I'M Truly Sorry

I'm truly sorry for what I've done,
I want you to know I always meant well
I may have been wrong when I said all that
but the whole time I thought you were the one.

I may have been wrong when I said what i did
I was a real jerk after I found things out
and there is no excuse for my actions
I was mad and just flipped my lid

yet somehow even though it was a lie...
somehow I've never felt pain worse than that
I was hurt... more than any before,
maybe because It left me wondering why

I couldn't figure out some things
like if you wanted him then why go for me?
and if you wanted me then why be with him?
confusion drove me to being mean.

in the end I suppose its for the best?
you are with the one you really do love
and I can stay single which I acctually like
and hopefully not make my life a complete mess

by J.D. Crockett

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Josh..... even though this poem is sad... its real. i truly enjoy your poetry and I am the one who should be writing apology poems! ! ! I hope you can forgive me for all the pain I caused you!