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'' I'm Truly The Master ''

I'm in the dark,
With this writing lark,
I simply cannot see the light,
My choice of words I'm afraid is stark,
I can't think of anything to write.

Whatever I choose,
I'm bound to lose,
In my head I see nothing that's clear,
This terrible feeling really does bemuse,
Fact is it does instil fear.

It's no mean feat,
With a deadline to meet,
Providing the piece that will suit,
But that which I've written I'll have to delete,
I feel as if my mind's went mute.

With no inspiration,
There'll be no creation,
Life at times can be so unkind,
I seem to be suffering from mental starvation,
What's happened to the power of mind?

Despite my intent,
I can only repent,
I have lost the ability to create,
God only knows where it has went,
But I'll tell you it really does grate.

It's back again,
It happens now and then,
It's onwards and upwards for me,
Where the hell have I put my pen?
This disaster I did not foresee.

I was engrossed,
But now I'm lost,
This whole thing is a bloody disaster,
With writers block I am being bossed,
Of failure,

‘' I'm Truly The Master ‘'

by Bri Mar

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Wonderful write! It is not unusual as we all go through this state of blank. I have learnt to keep on writing..