I'M Trying

Let me start off just by saying this,
I could've never come this far
without your friendship.
All your words keep my faith alive.
I could never face this world
without you standing by my side.

One more thing before I go,
there's something about me that you need to know.
Nothings scares me more than losing you.
I cannot survive this world without you.
To live a life without my light.
Your deepest fear becomes mine tonight.
I can't be there to hold you tight.
Encircled by the darkness and it's
taking over every part of my mind.

I can't wait till I can touch your lips.
I'll cherish every part of you
and savor every kiss.
Your the only one that knows the real me.
Can see through all my flaws and sins.
You love me for me.

Another thing before I go,
I love you more than you will ever know.
I'm forever grateful for your help.
I could've never done this by myself.
I'll do my best to remain strong.
You've believed in me all along.
That's something that I won't forget.
Your words are very much alive,
they provide the light that I need in my mind.

So please believe me when I say,
that I will stand strong everyday.
It's the hardest thing I'll have to do,
to force a smile when I don't want to.
Don't forget to look my way.
I look forward to those glances each and every day.
Those are the moments that I hold onto.
One day soon this will all pass
And then our future will begin at last.

by Erwick Brandon

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