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I'M Watching All Of You

A man searches this world for the true purpose of his life.
He has been sent to test the faith of all those he encounters
on the path that is his life.
He observes that the number of people with true faith is wearing
dangerously thin.
He finds most of mankind drowning itself in the swirling,
blackness of sin!
He hears all too many of you praying to God for miracles and
prayers answered with a monetary manifestation.
He gave you all the way to live an uncomplicated life yet,
you prefer the confusion of societies dark temptations!
How he must grow tired of listening to you all whine and,
constantly take his name in vain!
As he knows that without remorse they killed his son, first
with humiliation then by excruciating pain!!
He gave you all free-will and all the responsibilities such
a gift does include.
He watches as you destroy his planet and wage war against
your brothers for control of the all mighty crude.
You turn your backs on him as you assume the reins of control
and manipulation.
And, then you demand from him acceptance into his grace and
for your souls salvation!!
He watches as man mimics the animals enviously as their God
given abilities are un-natural for man.
He thought unto man he bestowed the greatest gift possible,
the mental capacity to understand!!
He is willing to let you all do as you wish from your debut
into this world until your final curtain call.
So, don't be surprised if your prayers upon deaf ears may fall!!!
He may look through my eyes yet, it's his voice that sounds
so sad and so true.
When he says you all may not know where I am exactly or at
anytime but, ''I'm Watching All Of You!!!''

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