I'M Writing To The Wind

I'm writing to the wind
The words drift from my mouth
They dance and mix about
Then lose what they're about

I'm writing to the wind
To say I stand alone
To let the people know
I came and then went home

I'm writing to the wind
Because no one seems to know
We're nearly almost at the door
Where no one want to go

And if the wind says no
I think I'll understand
The wind just comes and goes
And seldom makes a stand

The wind can pass me buy
Or stay awhile to linger
The wind can never die
Or rise to point it's finger

The wind goes on and on
Around the world forever
Unless it comes to find
It's a sad and poor endeavor

For after we are gone
The wind will just be flying
'Ore empty barren plain
We made as we lay dieing


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