I'M Your Flag

I'm your flag; I'm red, white, and blue;
I'm the symbol of freedom you look up to;
I've been here more than two-hundred-twenty years;
Through good times, and hard times; through laughter and tears;
Through battles and wars - I know the count;
To lay on coffins - I remember the exact amount;
There have been so many who believe in me;
They gave up their lives for their belief in liberty;
They didn't ask, "What's in it for me?";
They just went and did what had to be;
I've been in the arms of mothers and wives through the years;
Who held me so tightly, and shed grieving tears;
For the son, daughter, or loved one who would never return;
For the price of my freedom they did earn;
I carry the burden; I know the cost;
Of what it means and how mucyh they have lost;
I've seen failures and victories everywhere in this land;
I've seen greatness and courage on every hand;
I've stood in courthouses, schoolhouses, churches, colleges, and more;
I've been on billboards, in 4th of July parades; and on the decks of ships galore;
I've been everywhere and seen everything both near and far away;
I've evoked praise, and shouts, and prayers day by day;
Wherever you go, and whatever you do;
I've been here guarding your land, looking out for you;
Our country isn't perfect; it has a lot of flaws;
But, it is still the best there is, and no matter what the cause;
I'm standing proud, and I wave on high;
For all to see as they pass by;
That I'm the symbol for "the home of the brave and the land of the free";
For I am your flag; be proud of me!

by Judith L. Cox

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