Shouldn'T Have These Feelings

Here I am all alone staring at these four walls
Wondering why your still on my mind
I'm trying to think of something or someone else besides you
I shouldn't have these feelings that I do

After all I don't even know you all that well
I should know better but I don't
I can't help these feelings that I have for you
And I don't know why

Why can't you get out of my head
Cause the more I think about you
The more I will fall in love with you
And I try to push these feelings away

But they come right back
Every time I talk to you I get a funny feeling
That maybe we are meant to be
Then again I'm lost in these feelings for you that should have never taken place

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Comments (28)

Beautiful poem written in persuasive expressions with artistic brilliance. An awesome creation.
Piece of great elegance.
This song knocks me down every time I hear him sing it- -his voice is such wicked velvet
Oh this is so beautifully expressed to distinguish between true love and fake love.......thanks for sharing
Enjoyable I felt I was the man.
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