I Made A Wish

I made a wish upon a
Falling star



To make that one
Little wish

“In hoping”

My wish would prevail

To be true
And start the rain

“Or maybe snow”

And let me make it
To a Beauty salon

While I attempt to sing
Ain’t no sunshine when
He’s gone


The dogs howl at the

“Or maybe”

My singing


My wish was not granted
For I still can’t sing

The dogs and cats seem

To appear disturb when I

They howl and meow

I wished upon a falling

For a singing voice that
Would make me rich

“maybe a bit famous”


So, that dream just
Blew away

Within the frosty winds

In the year of the rain

Washed away with the
High tide

I wished upon a falling

Didn’t get my wish but

That beautiful little twinkling

Was truly intriguing for the
Eye to see

“Thank God”

I went to a beauty salon

Got the works

Clean down to my toes

Ain’t that grand and I

And I feel brand new

by Carolyn Sears

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