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I Made Grammy Cry!
BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

I Made Grammy Cry!

Poem By Bridget Bush

I asked you to read my poems the other day
You wrote me back right away
because of the sadness in my written voice
you feel you're to blame for my emotional choice
and now you're saying 'If only I..'
Knew all the answers and could tell me why?

Bad things have happened to me you know
and now you fear that not enough love was shown
On your part that is not the case
thoughts of you spread happiness across my face
And all I remember of my mom and you
is your way of showing you love me too

Were you wrong to protect me so long?
No matter what you chose nothing would be wrong
Because you would choose, thinking of me
not of yourself or how mean people could be
and most of my poems were written long ago
when I was always down trodden and full of woe

I wanted to share with you what I don't say aloud
see what I get for being too proud?
I just wanted you to read and take a looksee
but now you think you have failed me
If anyone's failed it has been I
because I made my Grammy cry!

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wow, an unusual poem with a twist.nice work