I Made Love Today

Soulful and tender
Step by step
I drew its outline
With my aura
I made love today
As I spoke my inner-most thoughts
And listened to his
As he-
He cajoled and teased
Until I gave in to his hunger
I made love today
I felt his touch gently
Caress my skin
And his breath warm against my cheek
His heartbeat drummingg
In time with mine
In time with earths' beat
Be Good Be Good
Do Good
I watched him as he slipped into
My dreams
His smile when he twitched at my touch
The joy on his face as he awoke and realised
I'd been watching his every move
Every flicker of his eyelids hearing him snore
Like the promise of long overdue rains thundering in the Western skies
I made love today
And No!
It wasn't all about
our bodies uniting as one-
It was being taken
On a journey
From your comfort zone
A maze of your deepest fears
and finally coming to rest
on the alps of your dreams
It was putting away all things pretentious
and just being-You
I made love today -with myself
Only myself was a man
And damn- was he fine
I made love today
With myself
In you
With you
In me
I made love today
With myself
only myself
was a man-
You- me
Be Good Be good Do good
I made love today
With you and we became one

by Anita Markallay Harding

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