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I Made This Poem For You
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I Made This Poem For You

my special creation is a beautiful golden poem
it's value is priceless made solely with love
when the sun came bursting through the clouds
early one morning in the springtime of April

painting the sky beautiful with a pretty rainbow
so I ask the rainbow to share colours with me
and happy the rainbow says, 'yes love anything'
now I have lovely colours for my special poem

then I thought the remaining thing I really need
is something most special, only thing - real love
and beside me a pink blossom mimosa smiles
with sparrows chirping, carefree and happy

I say- please, would you share your love with me
'endless is our love, ' they say, 'like the blue sea'
with special love and colors in my golden poem
now I feel, life is even more beautiful than ever

yet, this special poem was made with love for you
so my lovely friends, I offer you my special poem

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Comments (12)

Hi Sun....Its nice the thought process id good with a free flow of words down the dale... pls feel to read mine. Regards laxman Rao
A lovely, wonderfully written poem from the core of the heart.. Congratulations on having it being selected as poem of the day Sunprincess..
thanks for making this poem for me and congrats on the recognition as the member poem of the day
Joyful! Like the blue sea. Nice work.
A lovely poem, Sunprincess. A well deserved poem of the day!
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