I Mark The Road Before You

I mark the road before you,
As I do every day.
I'm sure you've never noticed
My signs along the way.

by GREENWOLFE 1962 Click to read full poem

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walking with you, then is pretty secured, as i reflect these lines below Though only my reflections, Mine can't lead you astray. I'll mark the road before you, Until my dying day. this is a sweet promise.. Wolfey, you are full of wisdom, and your words shines through and through.There never was a dull moment reading your writes. thank you for this wonderful journey with your words so full of love and concern.God bless you..Shalom Hugs, Meggie
Very nice...I felt as if I journeyed with you and knowing that safely I would go.
Lovingly designed to mark the path of a beloved..........10+++
i love this peom n kind remind me of someone n thnks for stop by reading my peoms
that seems very protective....nice thought-10
this has captured apart of not only my heart but my soul as well
WoW! An absolute mind-blower... what a poet?
I've been reading your poetries since before and I really admire your talent. All are really great, specially this one... Thanks!
This poem is an example to show to what depths of concept, thought, emotion, expression, great Greenwolf can take his poetry. Unfathomable. A real classic. sathya narayana
this is very moving, you can tell poetry comes naturally to you. thankyou for your comments, i really appriciate it :)
i am lost for words. its like my life, wot i feel right now is painted in your words. beautiful..
Once again I'd like to vote (10/10) Your poetry is beautifully written. It's free flowing and full of emotion.
i found ur poem very romantic and it is full of imagining pretty things in life that can happen when human beings are in love. it was really great. i wish u love, success and happiness...
What a beautiful poem! I truly enjoyed the reading and found that this form was a truly smooth read. Thank you for sharing it with me!
This poem is a beauty, and it can not be eaten by time. If I ever get reborn as a man I will recite this one to my wife.
words for words is really enjoyable, i love this poem, , THANKS
This is a good write, and reminds me of how when I first met my wife over thirty years ago I let every girl I knew, know about her.
As i said before i hope to write as well as you do....every piece flows so well
A powerful expression of sincere love and protective caring. I can't believe I missed this one - shame on me! This is quite tender and beautifully written. Worthy of a ten (if I were able to post a vote) . Thanks for making me aware of this precious gem. Linda :)
Marking the road before the beloved is true exprssion of ones love. These poetic lines depict the poets romantism towards his loved one It is an impressive work from the depth of the heart of the poet.my 10