I Married My Crush

Poem By Chad Shumate

I can honestly say that I married my crush,
It was as though she was a drink and I was a lush.

With my beer goggles on without taking a drink,
Ogling her beauty, as you would a mink.

She had the rare look of a famous person,
It was clear to see, that she could have any man, for certain.

I thought, why couldn't I be that man,
Who's walking in the park, holding her hand.

Not knowing if this was possible or even a chance,
Every time we were in close proximity, I had to take a glance.

But she had moved out of state and we had lost touch,
For us to get together now, seems like too much.

So time went on and I finally became single after many years,
In the meantime, she was going through her blood, sweat and tears.

After 20 years had gone by, that's how long it took,
I finally got my chance when she checked in on Facebook.

It showed that she was in town at a game,
I left her a message, because my feelings about her were still the same.

It just so happened that she only lived about 2 miles away,
And she promised that she would come and visit me some day.

When that day came, it felt just like a dream,
It was magical how we formed such a great team.

Before we were young and we still had our whole lives to live,
It was for the best our marriage is good like a jar of preservatives.

During the time apart, we both experienced bad relationships,
Which gave us valuable insight and mature tips.

On how to become an undeniable, worthy spouse,
And now look at us, we have jobs, a car and even a house.

I can remember being in her presence, I would blush,
She's so sweet, I married my candy crush.

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