I Messed Up- Chocolate Chip

We used to be so connected,
We used to be so deep in love,
Unfortunately our love was badly affected,
I guess it wasn't written above,

You loved me so much,
But I took your love for granted,
Now i long for you touch,
But you refuse to be advantaged,

I try to show you that I care,
But you often ignore me,
Memories of you are everywhere,
This is such agony,

I try to explain myself to you,
But you say it's not true,
You say I hurt you and you'll hurt no more,
I can't bare the flashbacks of you walking out the door,

I messed up for real,
I wish this pain i couldn't feel,
I truely regret,
The day I left you because that day you'll never forget.

by Shutter Queen

Comments (2)

A magnificent and affectionate piece. Your words filled with great sorrow and regret. Very intense and powerful plea. We all make mistakes and do things we wished we hadn't, but every step we take is a part of who we are now. We must look at our mistakes and try and take a different path in the future.
The feeling of regret on this work is palpable, Shutter Queen! Often, when we fail due to complacency the loss resounds with greater intensity. Such notions invade my minds when I read this one. Warm regards, John.