Daughter Sherree

I want to wrap you in my love
Secure and safe from harm
Solve all your problems
Share your dreams
Your haven, quiet and calm
But you must use your wings
My fledgling, you must fly
Rose above all hurt and pain
Soaring higher as you try
If you should fall, I'll help you
To mend your broken wing
I'll ease your pain - just remember
The saddest bird can sing
To sing when you've known sorrow
Is the sweetest song of all
Look forward to tomorrow
I'll always hear you call
My love is always there for you
To share, but not to bind
Your hopes and dreams are yours, my love
Mine are - fulfillment you will find.

by Colleen Woods

Comments (4)

Here is the full text of the poem: I met a genius on the train today about 6 years old, as he sat beside me and as the train ran down along the coast we came to the ocean and then he looked at me and said, it's not pretty it was the first time I'd realized that. A brief analysis: He was concerned with self-autonomy with regard to life and art, and the influence greater society plays in stripping the self of autonomy. Athough people are conditioned to 'see' in a certain way, that is not necessarily the way to 'see'. As an example, we usually think of a pastoral scene as being beautiful, or nature as being good or beautiful. But we need to question this approach to thinking, question assumptions. Do we experience the world the way we are conditioned to, or do we view it with control over our own ideas, our own individual vision.
The ending is: it was the first time I'd realized that.
Incredible! There is a universe of hidden, simple wisdom and truth in this poem of only ten lines - if you can see it. Bukowski was such a master.
i dont know what it is. but i cant stop reading it. and sometimes it makes me sad. but i like it. it makes a lot of since.