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I Met A Man

I met a man one evening,
Somewhere, down by the sea,
He came out of a doorway,
And walked across to me.

There was no smile upon his face,
His expression quite severe,
I looked him squarely in the eyes,
His soul stared back at me.

No word of greeting did he make,
No need for trivial speech,
He put his arms around me, then,
I felt his pain, so deep.

No verbal introductions,
For names were not required,
We stood there for the longest time,
The crowds just passed us by.

I felt I really knew him,
But didn’t know from where,
His face was so familiar,
I couldn’t help but stare.

I closed my eyes and then I felt,
My feet come off the ground,
We’re flying now, just you and I,
My soulmate, I have found.

I looked at him; I could not smile,
He did the same to me,
For he had surely stole my heart,
And taken it away.

He held me like a precious child,
We shared a tender kiss,
A silent goodbye from the heart,
And then he walked away.

I know he’s out there somewhere,
He journeys on his way,
He’s still the first thing on my mind,
When I wake to face the day.

And when I close my eyes at night,
In dreams he comes to me,
I glimpse his face, he’s smiling now,
We’re flying once again.

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