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I Met A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Ten Cent Store
NTP ( / Texas)

I Met A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Ten Cent Store

Poem By Not The Pilot

i met a million dollar baby in a five and ten cent store
it left me for Miami, what does the world take me for?
i know, i'm no golden-winged angel dropped from the air
but i could do without the constant happiness then despair

Miami has nothing on me
it won't miss you when you leave
it's not going to cry every morning it wakes up
no, it's not

if i had my way, Miami would lay in ashes, to never be reborn
and i'd cover it's sky in clouds and listen to it mourn
it's not so pretty anymore, not so pretty anymore
it has oceans and beaches and your beauty would complete it
sandcastles would fall at your presence
but i'm not letting you go

i thought i was gonna die
there was blood and sweat, stained on the bed
left from the fight, i couldn't close my eyes
i could feel my soul dropping down
and just before it hit the floor, i breathed
i was almost too weak
then the sun came in the window
you walked in the door
the city was in pieces
and you were never gone

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Bravo, another well written piece Pilot.