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I Met A Woman

I met a woman,
And she opened my eyes
To the clouds and the fireflies,
She, was more than just a woman.

To her I said if I never return,
Be not depressed or sad
But, be only glad,
In my soul your image will always burn.
Look up at the clouds,
There is me hugging you
My kisses are the morning dew,
I want to see pretty dresses and not shrouds.

To kiss her was my only thirst,
It was my main desire
Then I couldn't stop the fire,
But, I knew that I never was her first.
Carelessly I gave away my soul,
Happily she gave me a laugh
We would never share the same path,
Loneliness was my ulimate toll.

I met a woman,
And she gave me a smile
I felt happy and worthwhile,
She was more than just a woman.

Randy L. McClave

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