ANS (April 30th / New York)

I Met An Angel One Day

Life kept moving on and on it seemed
With no direction, No meaning
I had no reason to open my eyes
No body out there needed me by there side
Then that all changed one day,
They told me he was sick
Now there was nothing left to say

So this life I thought was meaningless
Changed forever when I held his hand
I saw a world of love when I looked in his eyes
He wanted to live,
He wasn't ready to give up and die
For nights I stood up thinking why him?
Tears formed eachnight as I cried alone
His health was fading as my heart was breaking
I saw his pain everynight
But felt so selfish that I needed him to stay
Then one day his pain had ended
But the space he left never went away
Good times and bad I held his hand
through tears and laughter I held his hand

As I sit up now at night staring at my couch alone
I look around at all he's left
I stop the tears of mourning and smile for his life
I smile for the chance I was given to know a great man
To know someone you will never forget
I smiled as I looked up at his picture
Another tears streams down as I realize
I met an Angel one day

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Comments (3)

Truly excellent- the mystery of meeting an angel is beautifully summed up-what a start as well- 'Life kept moving on...'
Dear Apryll First of all, I love Your name.Secondly I love the depth of your poem, and thirdly you managed to really move me..Yes.what more poetry would survice. You're A Real Star.God Bless Love Duncan
What a beautiful poem... simply beautiful.