GD (04-10-1984 / Portsmouth, UK)

I Met Laughing Sam

He's a dark character and by no measuring could he be called noble.
Not even the greatest fool, the king of the inferior would enjoy his presence.

He carries upon him a cloak, which at first I thought invisible.
But it seemed strange to me that as he approached the bar
All the lights seemed to flicker and grow dimmer.

His face appears bland enough from a distance.
But first hand and at arm's length seems distorted in the fourth dimension
As if it is possible to see the defining moments of each life stage
All at once and to frightening effect.

I think someone once played a joke on him from which he didn't
Recover and sometimes I think he is missing a mother
And was rent from the soul of a richer wiser man
As a prodigal son gone bad.

Laughing Sam seems to appear in my life when I've forgotten the last time.
Laughing Sam seems to be creeping up on all my enemies.
Laughing Sam seems to be at once better and worse than me
But only relatively
As if he's the half-brother I never met.

Whenever I avoid him he appears at my elbow.
When I would tap his shoulder or embracing, his image is hollow.
He is no apparition - this figure is real.
I know because I only see him when I'm sober.

He's going to pay us all a visit one day.
He's working for an outside agency or force I can't destroy.
I don't know his employer
But I'm sure to meet him one day.
When I'm at my best
When I embrace joy and dispel doubt.

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