I Met Surya That Day

I was sitting in the last row
Mild wind blowing inward from the window
Eagerness to talk with the person sitting next to me arouse
Took a phone away from another friend without his notice
Scared because of his mobile is stolen
Under the bench he searched to find it, if he can
Rumbling, he started to search other benches too
Yet he could not find, so I gave him a clue
Acting so cleverly, I kept it with me for some time
Trying very hard, he was vexed and told it was lame
Handling it to him, I told him it was just a joke
And told sorry but my friends caught my cloak
Thought I was so innocent, but incident changed their opinion
Dusty chalk powder came and poked the eyes of mine
All of them laughed and it was just a game
Yes, person next to me talked to me and Surya was his name

by AnilKumar Sharma

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a swwt memory in sweet wording, Surya is very lucky to be crafted beautifully in poem; keep it up!