I Met With God

One sunny sunday Morning
while asleep i met with God
You can imagine our discussion
God called me my my name 'Ndubuisi'
the voive sounded so cool and powerful
that i admired the beauty of my name.
Oh i was overwhelmed with joy
that God knew my name
So i sat at God's feet and asked Him,
You made humans, why are some black and others white? ' God smiled
I made night and day, I made heaven and earth
So i made humans black and white,
Both from one maker.
I pondered and told God,
I still don't understand,
Then God told me plainly,
'Its man who sees colours on themselves'
'I see every man as Iam'.
'I don't know if there are black or white'.
Then I understool the ways of God,
After I awoke, i smiled and realized
how God saw me.

by Ndubuisi Eke

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