JTA ( / US)

I Miss

I miss a hand to hold so softly
To feel a heart connected to mine
I miss sitting together, dreamers talking
And believing in ways to make them shine

I miss looking into loveing eyes
and feeling their emotions seeing mine
I miss being at ease with whispers
or with silence, when we feel it intertwine

I miss sitting out at sunset
a gentle head resting against my shoulder
But lately all I seem to get
is another day older

I miss walking with love near
walking closely side by side
and feeling the spark and fire of love
glowing steadily inside

I miss holding back the feelings and emotions
I'm relegated to hold inside
Because everytime I wished to speak
a sense of lonliness made me hide

I miss the feeling of believing I'm at one with someone
instead of feeling like two apart
I miss the belief and security that love, once found again
would never part

I miss seeing eye to eye or topics far and near
I miss the loving feeling of understanding someone clear
And knowing my heart is theirs and theirs always near
And that losing me is their deepest fear

I miss meaning something precious to someone
and feeling inseperable and true
I miss being trusted and feeling trust, instead of feeling blue
I wish the feeling of love always feeling brand new

I miss the hours late at night
when everything is through
Holding someone close
Making love like lovers do

I miss a million other little things
that I've done or dreamed I used to do
I miss all the countless blessed things
that two who believe in true love would dream to do

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