SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

I Miss

I miss my mother and father
I miss my brother
I miss all of them
The uncles the aunts the grandparents
Each and every one
At some time or another-
There are so many friends I miss
I am an old man now
So many are gone
I miss them
I wish I could see them
And speak to them again
I remember them
I see them in my mind's eyes-
I miss too
Times of my life
And even moments
That come back in sudden piercing flashes
Filled with sorrow and regret
At what is no longer here-
I miss so many so much
I miss them all
I cared for them
I still do
I can't help it
I cry to myself
At not seeing them-
Too sentimental perhaps
But I miss them
And will miss them
I guess
As long as I am.

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A glowing tribute to the near and dear who no longer exist as they have left for heavenly abode. Thanks for sharing the intimate sentiments about intimate relationships.