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I Miss....

I miss the old times and all the love we shared,
I miss the times, when I was so sure you cared,
I miss the Ryan I thought I once knew,
The one who was up for commitment,
and was all about the truth.
I still remember our first very romantic night,
with the candles and all..
You made me feel like a queen,
like I stood so tall.
Now it seems like all those times are just thrown away,
Like we pull farther and farther apart, with each passing day.
I understand you’ve made a mistake,
and don’t get me wrong I have too,
But we need to put everything behind us, and live with the truth.
The truth is…that you and I are meant to be together,
And we can’t move forward in our realationship,
with holding onto the past forever…
I wish I knew how you really feel deep within your heart,
So we can let go of the bad times, and allow a faithful realationship to start.
I wish I knew the truth about so many questions just rambling through my head,
“I love you so much baby” is the only thing I can remember you said.
Maybe because I know that our love is slowly heading for heartache I reminisce on your words that I loved to hear u say,
I’m trying to be strong, but I grow weaker everyday.
I can’t do this on my own, there’s no possible way.
all I want to hear is that you’ll love me until the end of time,
All I want to know…is you promise to only be mine…
I love you more then life itself that sometimes I just don’t know what to do,
My life my world all revolves around you.

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