I Miss Her

I am such a little boy;
looking at the hands
that once touched
my mother's face.
They look old.

Standing in front of the candy store,
staring in awe at the candy's shiny wrap.
The crystal clean window
only reflects what is there.
The image of a man.

Memories can cause agony;
not headache as one would wish,
but heartache as one does fear.
I carefully read the painkiller's label:
Mommy for children and 2 for adults.

Be strong, be a man,
be weak, remember your childhood.
Caution: Thin ice!
If your thoughts are too heavy
you will break in.

I still remember what you look like,
but not what you feel like;
I feel like I do not remember you.
Your hands smell like onion,
what's for dinner?

I know you are watching me.
I know you are proud of me.
I know, you know I did not mean it.
I know I broke your heart;
collateral damage?

Reading my own lines,
I almost have to smile.
No, I am not embarrassed,
but my cheeks are rosy.
I miss you Mom.

by Khris Hanson

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