I Miss Her

Poem By Rose Walker

I miss her-
Let me rephrase that.
I miss the memory of her.
Her smile
Her laugh
She was my best friend
I thought we would grow up together
She was the Alpha to my Omega
The Professor to my Pond
The Holmes to my Watson
Now, you might not understand that
No one did
Of course,
We did

It hurts
I'm trying to ignore it
Suffocate the feeling
Smoke it out of the basement
Smother it
Why isn't it working?
Every time I think of her
My Joy Love
Tears form at the corners of my eyes
I mentally slap myself
Tell myself to knock it off
But, 'Pain demands to be felt'
As John Green so wisely put it

I will give you this advice
It's old, but it's wise
'Be yourself'
Never pretend to be something your not
Because after awhile
You start to become that
That treacherous abomination
It's not you
And it never will be

I love you, Joy.

Comments about I Miss Her

What a beautifully honest poem, its sadness gave me pleasure to read and i thank you for that, the heartache of losing/missing someone can be incontrolably numbing, i appreciate your words in explaining this pain, honesty is poetry to me.

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