(March 1,1992 / California)

I Miss Him, Brother, Friend

I can’t gat through. Not to Him. Not like I use to.
Before all I had to do was take a look.
I was one of the few he couldn’t fool.
I guess after 15 years that happens to people like us.
But now that he’s been gone for the last year, he’s changed.
He’s not the same.
I miss Him, my Brother, my Best Friend.

I don’t understand, thou yes I knew he’d change…
I’ve changed too, but why so sudden? I suppose it’s just the time.
When I talk to him on the phone
All I hear is some guy on the line
I knew that he’d change
But there’s nothing familiar about him at all.
He’s changed through and through.
And I miss Him, my Brother, my Best Friend.

Forever loss, is he? Will my brother ever return?
Or am I left with the little memories,
Memories that he seems to have forgotten?
I know that they happened,
I have the proof scattered throughout my room.
Pictures to remind me of the good times.
Among other things that remind me….
Of his humor, his protectiveness, his playfulness,
His way of making me smile, only the way a brother could.
He was my everything for the longest time.
For the longest time he was all I had and all I needed.
I was his pride and joy,
But somewhere in the time I wasn’t enough
Now I live without him, but just barely.

And I miss Him, my Brother, my Best Friend

July 26,2008

by Allysyn Bryant

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