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I Miss My Dad
HG (04-22-1980 / Bakersfield, Ca)

I Miss My Dad

It isn’t easy to explain how hard it is to lose a parent,
And until you’ve had it happen you can’t possibly understand,
There are so many things that you miss out on,
These are just a few.

No more I love you’s,
No more holding hands.
No more hugs and kisses,
Just because you can.

No more great stories,
No more camping trips.
No more birthday cards,
Or helpful cooking tips.

No more family dinners,
With him saying the prayers.
No more midnight bowls of Ice Cream,
For me and him to share.

No Father Daughter dance,
No walking down the aisle.
No giving me away,
With tears and with a smile.

No more grandkids,
He will never get to meet.
No kisses on their heads,
Or tickling their feet.

No answering my phone,
Because I heard it ring.
“I just called to say I love you”
As I listened to him sing.

No more Daddy monster,
A game we used to play.
Daddy monster love’s you,
He will no longer say.

I miss my Dad so much these days,
I miss him for my boys.
I miss him when days are hard,
And especially on days of Joy.

I miss my Daddy......

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I know exactly what you mean. i miss my dad so so much and i connected with your words on a very deep level. Thanks so much for sharing and keep writing